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Science of Compassion Conference 2012: Future Directions in Research on Compassion
Lecture: Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo

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In 1971, at Stanford University, a young psychology professor created a simulated prison. Some of the young men playing the guards became sadistic, even violent, and the experiment had to be stopped. The results of the Stanford Prison Experiment showed that people tend to conform — even when that means otherwise good people doing terrible things. Since then, the experiment has been …


USA Today By Sharon Jayson New research would seem to support President Obama’s observation Wednesday night in Tucson that “heroism is here, all around us.” Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford University professor emeritus and colleagues used a nationally-representative sample of 4,000 adults and found that 20% qualified as heroes — they had helped during a dangerous emergency, taken a stand against …

Zimbardo begins Heroic Imagination Project

Written By CCARE Staff

Stanford Daily By Ellora Israni of The Stanford Daily Three decades after his infamous Stanford Prison Experiment proved that “terrifyingly normal” individuals can commit alarming atrocities, Philip Zimbardo, professor emeritus in psychology, has set out to communicate the opposite: that in all situations, these same people can speak out against evil and become heroes. Zimbardo has substantiated this notion through …


Why the Dalai Lama comes to Stanford

Written By CCARE Staff

The Dalai Lama returns this week on his third visit to Stanford in recent years, but it’s more than palm trees and sunshine that draw him to the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s the research. Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE, pronounced “see care”) is at the forefront of a growing movement to bring the tools of psychology and neuroscience …