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Andaaz TV: Season 5, Episode 3- Dr. Doty and Compassion
Conversations on Compassion with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Conversations on Compassion with Sadhguru
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There is still time to apply for the 2014 Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Teacher Certification Program! The application deadline has been extended through Friday, July 12, 2013. Details and application information for the program are now available on the program website. All applicants will be notified by September 3, 2013. The program curriculum will start in January 2014 and run through June 2014. …

CCARE Science of Compassion Summer Research Institute

Written By CCARE Staff

Purpose The purpose of the CCARE Summer Research Institute, co-sponsored by the Telluride Institute, a five-day conference to be held in Summer 2013, is to advance research on compassion and altruism through collaboration, dialog, inquiry, education, and research. Drawing from several disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, genetics, economics, and contemplative traditions, the CCARE Summer Research Institute aims to examine compassion, altruism and …

Compassion & Business Conference

Written By CCARE Staff

The purpose of this a one-day conference, to be held April 30, 2013, is to present and create a dialog around cutting-edge research and best practices on compassion and business by leading research experts in the field as well as business leaders who have successfully implemented compassion-based programs in their organization. Conference presenters will present both basic and applied research related to compassion, helping, and social entrepreneurship. The audience will …

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How many employees are scared at work? Is it fear of interacting with your boss, the new guy who may replace you, or dreading being laid off as a wonderfully nice but economically redundant employee? There are plenty of daily workplace interpersonal interactions that contribute to stress, the largest area of workers compensation claims, but an area that is not …


Are women really more compassionate?

Written By Dr. Emma Seppala

Yesterday, journalists at Huffington Post Live asked me to comment on whether women are more compassionate than men. Scientists in general tend to cringe at any strong black-and-white statements of this kind since we know there is no data to support such strong claims. If you ask a neuroscientist to distinguish a male from a female brain, for example, s/he would have a …


Monica Worline, Ph.D.

Written By CCARE Staff

Monica Worline, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist and President of Vervago, Inc., a company dedicated to research and teaching that supports organizations to make the most of their intellectual capital through effective development of courageous thinking, compassionate leadership, and crafting an environment that brings people alive in their work. Monica is an award-winning teacher and an interdisciplinary scholar who has …

Netta Wang

Netta Wang

Written By CCARE Staff

Netta Wang is currently a senior at Aragon High School with big dreams to help awesome people do awesome things for the world. She is the co-founder of Didomi, a web service to help struggling nonprofits build online fundraisers and stronger donor bases. Since 2012, Netta has also served on the Youth Executive Board of the American Red Cross Bay …

Opening the Heart at Stanford, Google and Beyond

Written By CCARE Staff

Five years ago, a professor of neurosurgery at Stanford had a revolutionary idea: open a center dedicated to compassion right in the middle of the university. Today, the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) flourishes within this citadel of academia. Here, it quietly pursues its mission of supporting and conducting rigorous scientific studies of compassion and altruism, …